Friday Confessions: Homeschool Turns into Party Time; My Crew Needed to Enjoy Themselves A Bit

All summer I’ve been relishing the romantic notion that I might be some sort of turn of the century tutor (with homeschooling).

But the wake up call has been ringing and ringing- and I keep hitting snooze and trying to get back to my dream land.  I’m trying to make it work (the ideal that is), really- but I find myself battling my alter ego A.K.A Super Educator Who Turns Out Overachieving Academics.  It’s been tough, I’ll admit, but I pray the Lord will direct my path to a place where education is loved by all in our house.

Right now, if anyone asks the kids “how is homeschooling going?”, they reply with a fairly indifferent “fine”.  I get my hopes up EVERY time- that maybe they’ll say something like:

My mom is the best! She’s given us the love of learning and we can’t believe how much nicer it is to be instructed at home, by her, learning way more than we possibly could if we shared a teacher with 25 other students.  She’s given up her whole day just to be with us and it makes us feel loved.  We’re so thankful the Lord has blessed our family because our relationships are growing stronger and we’re growing smarter.

Ok- so maybe they won’t ever say anything remotely like that, but an inkling of “it’s great”– even “it’s going well” would be welcomed. 🙂

I remind myself that this was a calling and never [in the calling], or my obedience in following through, was I promised any personal reward.  The rewards are with the children and I pray that in the end, I’ll see the benefits of taking back the educational responsibilities once standard for the family.

BUT because my alter ego tries to fight her way into our classroom on occasion, I decided to have


We woke up with finger painting! Then I suggested a little exercise in the form of Just Dance for Wii.  The kids thought I had lost my mind but no one complained or sought out medical attention for my clear and unmistakable error in judgement.  But it wasn’t an error.  It was deliberate and just the thing we all needed.  Even our 13month old joined in on the fun with fingerpainting.




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