Monday Madness: Field Trip to the Apple Orchard, Discovery Learning

In my efforts to figure out how to schedule our days with the love of learning, I added in a field trip to our Monday Madness (a.k.a Swing Day). *** sorry if that statement seems repetitive but I’m new to blogging about homeschooling and this may be the first post you’ve read***

Our Schedule Today:

1. Piano Lessons for both girls

* while one is in lessons, the other works on reading, math, handwriting and then they switch roles.

2.  Trip to Milburn Orchards complete with picnic and small farm animals (not together- I’m not an advocate of picnicking with farm animals)

3. Nap time for the (2) Littles, laundry for the (2) Bigs

4.  Creative Play (i.e. American Girl and some sort of Avatar imagination world)

The Orchard

I thought about how I could make the day super educational and super fun… and maybe about asking the girls about each one of these Q and A postings (and they were all over the farm):

But it seemed a bit over kill that they be subject to the half dozen cartoon animals.

So instead I let them enjoy with discovery learning.

I let them run around and enjoy the farm, the orchard, the corn maze, feed the animals, observe the habitats, socialize with friends, make new friends, and navigate the day according to their desire… wow, I almost sound like an unschooler (which, I’m definitely  not but apparently dabble in it. lol)

The day turned out amazing. And as I tried to point out how homeschooling affords us opportunities like this, they quickly explained that the public school had off school today and that anyone could have come to the Orchard today.


I, needing the last word, reminded them of the many things that homeschooling allows us to participate in…and guess what?! They actually listened.  Phew! because I’m still trying to convince my oldest that missing the elementary school dances and ice cream parties are going to be well worth what we get to enjoy as a homeschooling family.

Prayer: Lord, forgive me for needing the last word.  It’s Monday.

Check out our spunky crew here… the two little heads peaking out of the billy goat were the best! The kids kept saying they couldn’t see, of which they couldn’t, but there was nothing to stand on so their foreheads were immortalized in this photo op.  The rest of the kiddos were just trying appease the mommies…and you can see that by the last little “piggie”.  lol.


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