Tickled Pink Tutorial: Burlap Wreath (I Love Autumn!!)

I’ve added some new responsibilities to my defining role  as Wife and Mother and therefore my ability to exercise some creativity (outside of elementary school crafts) is just one of many things put on the side for now ( and you can add laundry, cleaning, socializing with my friends,  shopping…etc.). I’m happy to put some on hold but my inner “Martha” just needs to be let loose now and again.  Luckily,  I’ve been able to be crafty quickly and inexpensively and with just an hour I feel like I can say “it’s a good thing”.

Lately, I’ve fallen in love with decorating my door, of all things.  I’m guessing it’s an easy way to allow my creative side to come through. So tonight I sat down and tried to figure out how to make a burlap wreath with out having to go to the store (because remember I said I don’t have time for shopping…lol).

This is what I came up with… (forgive the grainy quality, unless I use smaller pictures the photos seem to be a bit grainy).

You might be saying, “Hey, she said she loves decorating her door!”.  My answer is that I have a really small entry way and it doesn’t photograph well.  But rest assured, the wreath is hanging on the door.

The wreath was super easy to put together.  I used basically what I had on hand.

  1.  a wire hanger

2.  1.5 yds. of burlap cut into strips of about 4 inches wide

3.  Hot glue but you could use floral wire (just to adhere the flowers onto wreath)

4.  Embellishments (I used flowers but you could use beads, apples, ornaments, moss, etc.)

Step by Step Instructions:

I began by bending the hanger into a circle.  Then I opened the hook of the hanger by untwisting the hanger ends that wrap together to form the hook.

Next, is threading and twisting the burlap onto the hanger.

You can see how I poke the wire through the center of the burlap.  Be sure to twist the material once or twice before you thread/poke it onto the hanger. The larger the twist, the fuller and wider the wreath.  Just experiment with how you prefer your wreath to look.

Here’s how it looked when I finished threading the burlap.

I added some flowers with some hot glue because I didn’t have any floral wire.  If you use wire, you’ll have better luck changing out your embellishments with the seasons.

I just love the fraying burlap but if you’d prefer a cleaner look, trim the fray off before you hang it up.

Tickled Pink!



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