Sweet Tuesday: Tidbits

These past few days I’ve had a million thoughts on blog post ideas and have unfortunately, had no time to do any posting.  So what I thought I’d do is have a “Tidbits” entry about some of the my favorite things (that I’ve used, seen, bought, cherished or experienced this past week).

I love using a vintage candy dish to display fruit.  Apples are the perfect fall fruit for doubling as decor in the kitchen or eat in dining space.

Found these workbooks at 5 Below for $2.00 and $2.50.  Super excited for these supplementals for homeschool!

Just pulled this out of a diaper bag- forgot I had it! How is that possible??  So glad to use this beautiful wipes bag again.  Even the smallest things can be beautiful!

We had art class this week.  Our lesson focused on making autograph books for our upcoming vacation to Disney World.

My grandfather passed away many years ago but I’ve collected our family rosaries (he was a devout Catholic and his brother was a Jesuit Priest) and hung them up in our home.  My grandfather’s birthday was September 24th…. love looking at the rosaries and remembering him this week.

Thrift store find!  Belt for $1.o0.  Finally wore this little beauty!!

Had a great date night (a rare-ish occurrence) with my main squeeze this week!

Our little man decided that a church pot luck event would be the perfect place to show off his diaper and well toned legs.  Ok- he spilled water on his pants and then refused to wear them.  Can’t blame him 🙂

My Door.  Love my wreath.   I love decorating for fall the most but sadly, this is the only decor I have up as of yet!  Gotta get moving on that!!!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Tuesday: Tidbits

  1. Thanks Amber! I debated between Bits and Pieces, Tidbits, Baubles,…. etc. Seemed like a good way to get a few things on the blog concerning my week:) Can’t wait to read your post.

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