Tea Time and Poetry

When I looked at the lesson plan for the week’s poetry and it had me reading Macbeth to the girls I balked and searched for a new plan.  I couldn’t  imagine doing Shakespeare with my 6 year old and her current educational needs. Shakespeare.  heavy.

So we packed all the littles in the car and headed to the library.  Checked out some great materials and came up with a way better plan.

The Plan: fun, poems, crafts, tea, snacks. Hopefully,it’ll look like this every Thursday afternoon:

Tea Time and Poetry

1.  We started by making snack: peanut butter and honey on whole grain crackers, added a bit of popcorn on the side and then steeped some tea.

2.  We read some Shel Silverstein, Falling Up,  and laughed.- and ate our snack and sipped our tea.

3.  We wrote a fall cinquain (5 line poem following specific rules)

4.  We made a craft that incorporated our poem.  Today we painted.

even the little man enjoyed craft time

After all that, we got in the spirit of being uber crafty and had “cooking class”.  Home made granola ushered in the late afternoon and tomorrow morning we’ll enjoy a bowlful for breakfast.

How do you do poetry in the classroom?


3 thoughts on “Tea Time and Poetry

  1. I think your idea is cute, but I actually do think Macbeth is doable. My daughters who are 7, 9, and 11 love Shakespeare and have for several years now.
    We do like us some Silverstein though; he is very funny!
    In our homeschooling, we use a variety of different things for poetry. My girls like Victoria’s Words of Love, The Read Aloud Book of Poetry for Kids, and The Big Book of Poetry.

    • Great to know that Shakespeare can reach the younger ones. I’ll have to give it a try at some point this year. Thanks for the suggested books. I will put them on my list! 🙂

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