5 & Dime for Ministry! It’s just like BOX TOPS for education! Check out the intersection of “Deluxe Life and Style” and Youth for Christ

Here’s the story as best I know it- and it’s a good one so I pray you take a minute to read to the end.  It involves two groups of people and I’ll  introduce you to them first:

Person/Group 1:

My husband is in ministry.  He is the ED of Youth for Christ (DE)– which reaches at-risk urban youth with Christ-centered after care programs and also serves those juveniles who are in a level 5 correctional facility.  The organization has been up, been down, and up again– as most ministries find themselves.  I’ve often looked at this state of roller coastering as a way for us to be constantly reminded of God’s glory and His hand in the provision and path of YFC.

Person 2:

A woman in our church has been unemployed  for several months and has taken a leap of faith in opening her own business– deluxelifeandstyle.com This business has a 5 & Dime philosophy.  But for some time now, she’s been praying about who/which organization to support with the “dime”.

What’s 5 & Dime?   It’s kind of like box tops for education.  In this case it’s where 10% of the purchase price  (yup- not her proceeds, it’s the whole purchase price!) goes to a charitable organization (faith based or social justice organizations).  The 5 is for shopping and spending your $5 (or more) and the dime is for the 10% she is tithing.

The Story:

My husband and his staff, along with some of his youth interns, were giving a ministry update one Sunday morning during our church service.  I was a blubbering mess. I mean, ugly crying made an appearance.  embarrassing. But, to share the emotion with y’all, one of the interns shared his story.  It was full of pain, hunger, abuse, drugs, confusion, salvation, grace, mercy, and perseverance.  Then, the juvenile justice ministry (JJM) segment began with a video. 

Heart wrenching.  Hearing the stories of the young men and women in correctional facilities along with the YFC volunteers who loved on them- oh-  was intense.

Believe it or not, I was serving in the nursery when one of my fellow workers came in and said she had just had an interesting experience- in the ladies room of all places!  Of course, I inquired.  She explained that while she was in the stall she heard a woman crying.  Still in the stall, she asks the woman if she is okay.  The woman says she’s fine.  My worker friend comes out and listens to the story of this sweet woman who has heard the Lord’s answer to her prayer during our Sunday service.  It came with the ministry update from YFC.

She shared that she’d been preparing to open a new business soon and had been searching for an organization to give charitably too.  She wanted to be socially responsible- pay it forward- and bring glory to God.  She’d been praying for some time and hadn’t found a clear answer until now- until YFC came and shared.  Her tears were because she had ears to hear- and she waited patiently for the answer.

Youth for Christ is a non for profit organization that depends 100% on donors to operate the programs, the 2 youth centers and  the 6 interns it houses.  Our economy is not exactly thriving and that factor does not support  ministry donations.

But the Lord smiled down on all involved in the story- once again! The two met (my hubby and our lovely lady from deluxelifeandstyle.com ) for coffee one morning and YFC is now the beneficiary of the 5 and Dime.

This week the .com opened and I’d love for you all to support TWO great groups of people who love the Lord. With the holidays coming it’d be a great way to get your shopping done and give back all at the same time!

From handbags, scarves, wallets, baby gear and gifts, home decor to office supplies, candles, and  jewelry this shop is up and coming.  I wish I could show you some product pics here but they’re copyrighted… so click one of the many links I’ve shared and check them out for yourselves!


4 thoughts on “5 & Dime for Ministry! It’s just like BOX TOPS for education! Check out the intersection of “Deluxe Life and Style” and Youth for Christ

  1. Amazing how God connects us all in His own timing and way. Thanks for sharing this really cool story about some ordinary people living out loud!

  2. wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m Ti, from DeluxeLife+Style and I had no idea this was on the web. I decided to google the business just to see what would happen and hear I am. God has been so good. I really wish I could tell it all; but THANK YOU for sharing this and I’m so very excited.

    And I had NO idea that you were working with the woman that I blubbered to in the bathroom that day. I was a MESS. Bless her heart for hearing me. We expect God to show up in church but sheesh– that was humbling! I felt like I was called into an executive meeting that I had no idea was on the schedule and was wearing mixed-matched clothing or something. LOL

    We’ve had 24 orders thus far (in 4 days!!!) and have raised $56.70 for DYFC in that time. Unbelievable.

    Just one point of correction, the “5” in 5 & Dime Giving is for an ADDITIONAL 5% that folks can earn for the charity of their choice via social media.

    Thank you, again.

    God Bless!

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