Fall Jack O’ Lantern Craft. (I can finally use those baby food jars!)

Art Class # 2.  .  We drive one hour, every other Monday, and my mom does arts and crafts with the girls.  Not only are the girls and my mom building memories and bonding their relationships even further, but we are forming a tradition of having “Monday Night Dinner” and we all (including the men) get in on the good times.  This week we enjoyed a nice fall craft by making our very own Jack O’ Lanterns.

Jack O’ Lantern Supplies

baby food jars, cleaned and dried.

orange paint

sharpie marker (black)

black paint

battery operated votive candles

We tried painting the inside of the  jar (with a sponge brush) but it didn’t really stick well so we added a coat of clear acrylic paint first.  This seemed to do the trick.  Then we “primed” the lids as well.  After the clear coat dried we painted the lids black and the inside of the jars orange.  Even with the jars wet, the girls were able to add “faces” to their pumpkins with the sharpie markers.     

Last step is to add the “flame”.  We chose the battery operated votive candles for safety reasons.  Also, if there was an actual flame in the jar you wouldn’t be able to keep the lid on, which completes the look in my opinion.

I love fall crafts! Can’t wait for Thanksgiving Turkey Crafting! ( I know I unnecessarily capitalized all that so no editing comments.lol)


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