Easiest Pumpkin Muffin Recipe- seriously…it’s the easiest

It’s another one of my pinterest challenges… I made a 2 ingredient recipe for pumpkin muffins.  Can you guess the ingredients?

Since I only had a giant sized can of pumpkin from our wholesale club (which is not necessary) I used about half of it (or just use the normal size you’d buy in the grocery store).  The original recipe used a box of yellow cake but I only had lemon (because it’s my absolute favorite) and it still made the most delicious muffins.

What you don’t see here…

Chocolate chips.  Yes, I added them!

Every year we go on vacation and I make a little grab and go breakfast treat and this was actually my practice round… and of course it had to be special…so in went the chocolate chips.  De-lish! Will replicate for the actual trip!!!

And of course I had to get Home Ec in here for Homeschool

See the little hand to the right of the mixer?  That’s our little man.  He and his sister had a blast trying to mix the cake flour with the pumpkin by hand.  Then I finally turned on the mixer for a nice smooth blend.  I let it go for about 2 minutes (until creamy).

That’s right- there was nothing but pumpkin added to the cake mix to make it perfectly creamy.

I’m not sure how big or little you like your muffins but I love a huge muffin  that I can essentially rip off the top of and eat by itself.  So fill the muffin tin accordingly.  My picture shows the tins lined and filled to the rim.  Bake at 350 for 20-25 min.

And don’t forget to add the chocolate chips!




5 thoughts on “Easiest Pumpkin Muffin Recipe- seriously…it’s the easiest

  1. hello out there in blog reading land. let me tell you about these muffins!

    so i made the muffins this morning and we gotta call it what it is, these are cupcakes….yummy, yummy cupcakes. don’t lull youself into a false sense of “oh… i’m just gonna have three muffins for breakfast.” no, you’re about to have 3 cupcakes. 🙂 i had two. i was about to go for a third when i had to ask myself “are you really gonna eat three cupcakes for breakfast?”

    and if you’re going to make them, don’t look for a pumpkin-y flavor. the pumpkin makes them super moist and, i’m sure adds pumpkin-y nutrients for your non-veggie loving family and friends, but it doesn’t have the pumpkin flavor, the cake mix overpowers it. DEFINITELY add the chocolate chips. that’s like the frosting on these “cupcakes.” and if you are having a fall gathering, the orange and brown make a festive addition. i give this recipe a thumbs up. super moist and yummy.

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