Sew It, Gift It- Baby Booties – plus a tutorial link

Can you imagine being a hopeful adoptive parent and when you get the call that you’ve been selected they tell you that the baby is due in 2 weeks?!  Believe it or not, this has happened to my friend TWICE!!! But since this beautiful family’s story isn’t mine to share it wouldn’t be right for me to write about it.  But what I can do is share the little gift I made for my sweet friend and her newest baby girl.  Yay! I’m so happy for them!!

Baby Booties! They take about an hour to make and require a few supplies:  scrap fabric, about 18 inches of 1/4in elastic, fusible interfacing, and a sewing machine

Here’s the finished product:


If you’d like to make these little babies you’ll have to go to the original tutorial.

Here’s a few more pics of the booties I’ve made.  The girl booties are pre-frayed flower.

boy booties girl booties

I like to change up the bootie by adding a signature fabric flower.  I’ve done frayed flowers, ribbon flowers (as seen here) but for the boys, I love to make camouflage booties and eliminate any embellishments.

Another change up is that I just use a furry bottom like minky.  The babies aren’t really walking at this stage (the size is 0-6 months but I found my daughter wore them to about 9 months) and don’t require a sherpa (or faux sherpa bottom) so don’t waste your money on that.


It’s the perfect season to make booties. If you have a little one, you know socks just don’t stay on their feet. But these little booties are warm and perfectly snug so they don’t fall off.


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