5 Minute Friday

Joining up with Rebecca from Mom’s Mustard Seeds for 5 Minute Friday.  This is where you are given a word or topic and you write for 5 minutes. No erasing no editing. Stream of thought writing.  Join me as well by linking up.


I want my kids to stay right were there are.  in innocence and youth.  untouched by pain.  i want my kids to stay in a place where their job is to learn and have fun.  and i want them to stay away from all things naughty including spilling milk, throwing food and tantrums, and most importantly for today- I’d like them to stay away from all things “complaining”.
I however dream of all things opposite of “stay”. i’d love to find an adventure where our family moves to a new and exciting place. maybe even a foreign country.  I dream to have it on my terms- no ship wrecks and snake bites- and so this cloud of vapor is full of romance and new exciting experiences. i think of new language, of good times, of no financial strappings– but loads of faith on the One who is bringing us this new life.

I stay in my house all day and love on our 4 little monkeys.  it’s the best job in the world. but it’s a learning process for me because i am not a stay at home kinda girl.  i love to get out of the house. i love to do this and that.  i don’t particularly enjoy the same routine every day.  staying inside is a challenge.  homeschooling is my ‘stay’.  it makes me stay.  but the gift is that it’s teaching me how to remain flexible as my full time job now has a full time job added on to it.  I’m learning to “stay in the moment”.  It’s awesome.

That’s my 5 minutes.


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