Gift Giving + Crochet + Yarn Needle Art

My turn-of-the-century-tutor alter ego had a blast today as instruction in music and home economics took the better part of the day.  An hour of piano practice filled our house with creativity and melody…and the occasional complaint…shhh, don’t tell their teacher!  But the show stealer was all the home economics.  Yes, there was boring sort and folding of laundry; and even a lesson on how to make chili.  Ultimately though we prepared for the Christmas spirit of gift giving by making our own.

We decided scarves would be a lovely gift for a few of our loved ones.  Since I’m the only one who knows how to make them (and the object was to have the gifts be homemade by the girls) we added a new class to our roster.  Crochet!

My 9 year old was not as keen on beginning crochet because she had her heart set on yarn art (to make ornaments). And so I decided to let them do their own “craft” so that their heart would truly be in the gift.  That’s the real goal after all.

As I know nothing about yarn art with plastic canvases, I will have my own research to do about technique.

Since I haven’t done any research yet, we managed to break a needle and make a hot mess of things.  In the end, we had the same thing we began with- an empty plastic canvas.

And after a long time practicing the chain stitch my nearly 7 year old ended up with a little chain that lit up her sweet face with the brightest smile.  She even seemed comfortable holding the yarn and hook.

She did it.  By herself.  (and I clenched my teeth and squashed down my type A tendencies to let her do it with out taking over)

We’re into lesson one of many lessons to come.  Thankfully we have many days left to get out all the kinks and add more skills like a single crochet stitch!!!
I guess I’m sharing this on the blog because I don’t want to forget that they wanted to make gifts and give them of their own accord (and not the kind of gifts they wanted to give in the past -of construction paper and glue or even regifting something they no longer thought useful).  I’m sharing because they decided on what would be a good and worthwhile gift.  And that they are putting their hearts into the spirit of giving and loving others even if it means they’re going to have to stretch their own skills to accomplish all those things.  Not that I’m a proud mama or even intent on bragging here; I think it’s worth sharing because I discovered it all by having a thoughtful conversation with them and I’d love to encourage that one mom out there who can’t exactly remember when she had a conversation with her 9 year that didn’t involve homework, sports, obedience, chores, bath time, teeth brushing, etc. etc.

I love the girls.  Their hearts are so sweet and I cherish them at this tender young age.

I hope that if you receive a home-made gift this season from a youngster that you’d honor the giver and not the gift.  Perhaps each and every ounce of their love for you is captured in that uneven, rugged scarf (that may not be quite long enough. lol).


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