Christmas Tradition #3: Books + Capturing the Moment

Christmas Tradition # 3.  For 10 years now my husband has taken charge of chronicling “a year in the life” of each of the kids.  He does so by purchasing a Christmas book and writing a letter of all he’s loved and observed about the child during that calendar year.  He edits his writing and transfers the letter to the inside cover of the book.  The books are presented to each child on Christmas Eve as a special gift to open.

I think I love this tradition as much as the kids do.  It’s something they look forward to and also something they will remember forever as their life is penned in the eyes of their Daddy.  I look back at the books from years ago and it’s crazy to realize that I don’t remember some of the details he includes- the nuances of a 2 year old- the idiosyncrasies they no longer own.  Then I have the “oh yes! I remember now!” moment and smile as those memories rush back.

It’s become quite a task now that we have 4 kids and the writing takes quite a bit of time.  So if you start this Christmas tradition of giving books and personalizing them for your children, I’d suggest you start right after Thanksgiving so you have plenty of time to get it all done.

Feel free to share your traditions on the blog.  I’d love to read them and have others enjoy your comments as well.


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