Christmas Crafts & Gifts + Decorating

We’ve  been crafting and working on making those pintacular gifts for this joyous season.  I thought I’d share some of our gifts and some of our crafts (that have made their way to being permanent Christmas decor in our home).

If you’re trying to figure out what to get the grandparent (that has everything) here’s a kid inspired gift!helping hands. oven mitts with the kids handprints. date and age.  makes a great grandparent gift

Another great gift we made together was a set of monogrammed plates.  I bought a stencil at the craft store and used a 50% off coupon and found these great plates at the dollar store!  A sharpie marker and an oven were all I needed to make these personalized plates for each member of the family.

dollar store plate, sharpie, bake at 350 and give a permanently monogrammed gift

sharpie and dollar store plate, bake 350=permanent.  great gift idea

chalk board art

I love chalkboard paint.  This is a cute idea that you can use all year round.  Put your menu for the day on the chalkboard, chores, sweet messages, prayers etc.  I have this little baby on my photo gallery wall. (Dollar Store frame, chalkboard paint, and chalk= cheap  and fun decor).

image(7)I found some printable Christmas sheet music and tea stained a few sheets.  Our kiddos actually made paper scrap Christmas Trees and pasted them on top of the sheet music as a school craft project.  I had an extra sheet so I framed it and hung it up.  I love the vintage feel and it was free!  image(5)

One of my favorite little things to do is decorate our mirror or mantel with signs of the season.  Here is a close up of the Joyeux Noel sign we made with embroidery thread, newspaper, card stock, and sticker letters.  I change it out for Halloween (Trick or Treat) and Thanksgiving (Give Thanks) and use black card stock with white letters.


I googled felt rosettes and a ton of crafting projects came up.  I thought I’d make a tree for my coffee table tray.  I used a brown paper bag, rolled it to make a cone, trimmed it and stapled it so it’d stand up evenly.  Then hot glued my rosettes together.  It took a lot of time to make the rosettees so I’d caution you that it’s not a 30 minute project.  But it was another cheap craft and I only had to buy some felt.



One thought on “Christmas Crafts & Gifts + Decorating

  1. Hi,
    I love the idea of the tea stained music sheets. Do you sell those? I’d love to get my wedding song on such paper, to frame as a gift to my husband….

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