Homeschool Update. It’s Been 3.5 months.

We fought every day. Every.Day. But if you ask her she can’t recall any strife between us.  It’s actually amazing because our relationship was filled with conflict (for the entire 2nd grade year).  In fact, almost all our after-school hours were filled with arguing and unhappiness.  And if you have been following our story you know that the Lord worked on us for about 6 months with the ever repeating message of “this is not what I intend your relationship to be…” and finally, after much resistance I accepted the calling to homeschool.

What’s happened in these past 3 and a half months of homeschooling?

I asked her if this whole homeschool thing was “working for her”.  I carefully inserted that I knew she misses some things at public school; that I miss things that I can no longer do now that I’m a full time teacher to her and her sister (and two other preschool siblings) but I wanted to see if she could weigh the pros and cons and determine how our schooling faired.

Her answer pleased me (though not resounding) but it’s not really what is important in this story.  What’s important is how our relationship has changed.  And this is why I’m homeschooling.  Our relationship  is the blessing that came with this change.  And this is what it looks like now…

  • She greets me in the morning with hugs and kisses and often showers me with them throughout the day.
  • She says she wishes she could stay up all night so we could talk.
  • She asks for mommy daughter dates.
  • She looks at me with love in her eyes… seriously- I can actually see the adoration in her eyes
  • She doesn’t argue (much).
  • She has completely cured her anger management issues.
  • She discusses things  (instead of slamming doors, crying and stomping).
  • She’s less selfish and more helpful.
  • I love seeing her every day, all day, and never get that “calgon, take me away” feeling after we’ve just had a conversation.
  • I love that I have countless moments to see how amazing she is (instead of seeing all the conflict).
  • I love that most of our conversations are conflict and tear free and are filled with peace and “normalcy”.

I’m happy with our decision to homeschool.  It’s been an adjustment and I have yet to hear the girls belting out praises and thanks for efforts that have gone into our new way of learning but by no means do I think they don’t exist.  I can see the thanksgiving everyday in their actions and in our relationship.

photo by Christina Vance


4 thoughts on “Homeschool Update. It’s Been 3.5 months.

  1. So glad God has called you to this for your family. I miss the homeschool lifestyle and flexibility. Alec and Annie wanted to ” re-enter” school this year. This after 6 pretty successful years of homeschool. Each child is different and the Lord has taught me that each season of our lives can be different. Enjoy this season may it be short or really long:) Blessings, Kim Everhart

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