Self Imposed Guilt. A Mom’s Struggle and the Good Enough Cure

I can think of a dozen things I feel (or have felt) guilty about when I start analyzing my parenting skills.  I spend too much time cleaning, not enough time playing, too much time fixating on rules and etiquette, not enough time being gracious, giving too much TV time, not enough quality time, putting too much pressure on (on both myself and the kids), not enough grace (again).  I could add more to this list.  But thankfully, I can take away from it too.  I don’t struggle with all of these anymore and I don’t really perseverate  on my ability as a mother anymore either. I guess that’s been another gift of homeschooling… I’ve broken free of the bondage of my guilty-mama sin.

And yes, I think of it as a sin because self deprecation is certainly not uplifting or encouraging my relationship with God.  And so the constant “I stink at…” is sin.

But- like I said I think I’ve finally been able to embrace being a “Good Enough Mom”.

  • We had scrambled eggs and toast for dinner.  It’s good enough for today. (good source of protein and it was whole wheat bread)
  • I didn’t shower.  It’s good enough for today (I took one yesterday).
  • I forgot to brush one of the kids teeth.  It’s good enough for today.  (We rubbed them instead).
  • I let the kids have a dessert twice.  It’s good enough for today.  (and I get bonus points in their eyes)
  • I washed and dried laundry but left it in the basket and have no intentions to do anything but stare at it while it wrinkles.  It’s good enough for today.

What I did that makes all of those things okay…besides not really inflicting guilt about how I parent

  • We played with great friends and baked reindeer cookies.
  • We used our math skills to add, subtract, multiply and divide the ingredients.
  • We exercised our social skills by communicating and sharing.
  • We made a nativity craft and enjoyed being creative.
  • We played and enjoyed the world of imagination.

We had a great day.  I could think about all the things that didn’t fit my standard homeschool “perfect prescriptive day” but how on earth would that be productive?  🙂  Today was perfect- even if we didn’t open a workbook or read a historical fiction novel.

reindeer cookies photo 2



3 thoughts on “Self Imposed Guilt. A Mom’s Struggle and the Good Enough Cure

    • Thanks! It’s been very freeing and especially this month of December when nothing in homeschooling seems according to our regular schedule 🙂 blessings, Lori


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