Waiting (for bell’s palsy). Update

Acupuncture. Mirror check. Blink. Smile. Mirror check. Waiting. Heavy Cheek. Heating pad (about a million times over). Feeling Good.  Positive thoughts. Mirror Check. Asymmetrical Smile. Worry.  Sleepless night.

That was yesterday in a nut shell. But the day is anew and my smile is normal.  I have a bit of discomfort in a small section of my jaw but I’ve been exercising my face like crazy. My eye feels fine for the most part.  That’s about as simple of an update as I can get.

I can get way more complicated though.  Emotionally- roller coaster. I don’t even think I have the energy to write it all out.  It’s a mess of feeling positive, to feeling worry, to feeling bad that I’m worried because I still have muscle control…and nothing drastic has happened yet.

And I guess it’s the yet that has me stuck.  My doctor said yesterday to not count my chickens just yet (she’s a dear friend of mine and her candor brought humor to a uncertain situation) and I still have to rest rest rest because the virus is still in my system. So I wait another day. And hope that the medications have done the trick to prevent paralysis.


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