Updates- on everything

Bell’s Palsy seems to be at bay! Yay.  I hope that it still can’t get to me!  I think it came from a canker sore (what a horrible name- I wish it was called something like a “stress ulcer”) that I had just about 4 weeks ago.  It’s so hard to say exactly but since they are both in the herpes strain (again- another horrible name) it seems like a good conclusion.  Most of the time Bell’s Palsy is quick to show symptoms and lead to paralysis but it can take weeks to develop.  I’m hoping that these 4 weeks and that my symptoms are gone is a victory but let’s not do a dance or anything….

I have some other bronchial virus kicking me in the rear but I think it’s on its way out as well so hopefully all is on the mend physically.— and hopefully it doesn’t do anything to reactivate the Bell’s Palsy issues.

Homeschool started up again.  Yay.  ok, maybe not Yay.  I still feel kinda cruddy so it was an easy week for the kids. Yay for them!  (how many times can I use Yay with out it being too much? ) But we were able to do some cooking and made our own super healthy fruit roll ups, poetry, science experiments with rainbows and light refraction, and we even sat all together and read -silently- a book for pleasure and that was lovely.

photo 1(1) photo 2 laundry room. sheet metal for a back splash. basement laundry photo 5

I did get a request from one of my lovelies to return to public school next year.  I’m guessing it has something to do with a friend of hers who was homeschooled this year but just re-entered private school after the Christmas break.  I’m not sure how I feel about it. the request to return to school that is.  It’s too early to really tell.  I think if I woke her up when it’s still in the 6 O’clock AM hour she will feel a bit differently, but who knows.  She’s super social in her absent-minded-professor-9 year old girl kinda way. But I’m going to let it roll for now.  It’s January for goodness sake.

Home Stuff:  We did some organizing over the holidays.  The big man had vacation and checked off somethings on our Honey-Do list.  Say hello to our laundry room.

Our laundry room received an over-haul and is now  looking less like a dungeon and more like a place I’d like to hang out it (when I’m on duty to provide clean clothes and other laundryesque tasks).  It’s all budget friendly- as in little to no budget- so there isn’t anything glamorous going on with the ceiling but perhaps it might get a coat of white paint in the spring (when we can ventilate properly) and mask a little more of the basement feel.

I’m totally crushing on my tin back splash here. It was a super cheap way to make a wall where one didn’t exist.  Props to the hubs for the idea!

That’s been the last two weeks more or less.  Hope you’re holiday was great!!!



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