What to do with all those Christmas cards? got a shower hook and a hole punch?

The littles just love running to the mailbox during the Christmas season.  Cards, cards and more cards arrive daily.  They love the photo cards and it seems most people are sending photo cards these days.  If you’re one of those people you know the time and prep (and cost) to send out the perfect kodak moment that will capture your family for an entire year gone by.  Knowing this it seems wrong to throw away the cards once the new year begins.  So you keep them on hanging around (literally) until you the tape starts to dry out and they start falling from your door framecards.

There has to be a better solution than this. Thanks to the creative and crafty people out there you can find card trees of all sizes, shapes, and mediums or you could simply string your cards on twine with clothes pin to secure them.  But even if you’re not the tape on the door frame kinda person, at some point the twine-line or card wreath must come down.

Here’s a great little trick I’ve been doing for a few years now. christmas card photo keepsakeall you need is a shower curtain hook and a hole punch- couldn’t find my single punch.  But the 3 hole punch has a margin edge so you can punch in the exact same place every time and hang your cards in perfect alignment. So if you have a 3 hole, use it.

keep your christmas card photos all year long with a shower curtain hook

I keep the beautiful cards on my coffee table all year. The picture is shown with the cards hanging because they just really look like a stack of photos on my tray (on the coffee table) and I thought it’d show how nicely the cards present themselves with the hook.



4 thoughts on “What to do with all those Christmas cards? got a shower hook and a hole punch?

  1. Love the shower hook idea. I have kept all my Christmas cards for years now, bundled by family, and tied with a ribbon. We love looking over the past years to see how the kids have grown. I keep them all in a Christmas basket that we bring out in December and keep around till March and the winter blahs have gone.

    • Great idea to sort by family and keep in bundles Mary! Photos are priceless and technology today is making that ever more apparent (as less and less paper products .i.e. snail mail, are being exchanged).

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