adding an official 30 minutes of “formal exercise” for the kiddos

Every time I take the crew to the pediatrician the dr. asks if they get at least 1 hour of vigorous activity a day AND have less than 2 hours of TV/screen time.

Vigorous defined:

characterized by or involving physical strength, effort, or energy: “vigorous aerobic exercise”

There are many days that I can say “yes” to the questions of activity/screen time. But there are also days that I can say no; and probably more than I think.  So I thought I’d add official daily PE to our homeschool routine.  We have ‘recess’ and they do run around and play in our playroom- but the outdoors are off limits.  (in fact, another blessing of HS-ing has been that they’ve rediscovered playing with each other!). Now that the weather has turned and we have moderate to severe asthma suffers in our house, the outside cold air is an absolute no-no for the lungs.

Since we just updated our laundry/exercise space this Christmas break, it’s ready to go.  Here’s what we’re doing with the kids:  I’ve labeled tongue depressors with exercises that are age appropriate for our kiddos.  They involve weights, stair climbing, the stationary bike (10 minutes), the elliptical (10 minutes), our ‘ab-flex’, squats, jumping jacks,  sit ups,and  push ups.  I’ve come up with a basic “select 3” but you must complete 3o minutes of activity so if you need more, select more until the 30 minutes is up.

exercise for the kids.  list on tongue depressors and store in cups.And never fear, nothing is to of excess or extremes. I am not trying to make body conscious little girls. Just trying to provide them with some physical exercise. Our little man also enjoys learning how to do jumping jacks and simple bits of activity too.

Now- what to do with the other 30 minutes of the “1 hr of vigorous activity”.  😉  I think we’ve got a good start!



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