Fun Friday. Simple Scents. a fresh home with out candles or sprays

My son finds danger everywhere!  Yesterday he heard the oven timer going off and opened the oven!  Princess P (who is only 17 months old) walked right up to the oven and put her hand on the HOT door!  Needless to say, I will be putting a lock on the oven from now on… but my point is that if trouble can be found, he’ll find it.  All the same,  I still want to light candles and enjoy simple pleasures like a fragrant home- especially when I’m having guests- and an open flame is not a great option for us right now. ( and he’s picked up the lit candle jar, that was set atop a counter that he ‘couldn’t’ reach).

Simple Solution.  Light bulbs, essential oils, and a cotton ball. ** you can buy oils at Bath and Body Works**

essential oils swabbed on a light bulb will leave your home smelling fragrant

Dab a bit of essential oil on your light bulbs with a cotton ball or swab!  When you turn on the light, the heat will activate the oil scent and your home will smell great.  I love jasmine – as you can see, it’s almost gone.  You can even dab a bit on the inside of your toilet paper roll and when the roll is spun, the scent will disperse.  This trick isn’t my favorite though because with 6 people in our home, our TP roll is quickly replaced.

What’s your favorite tip for the home?



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