Dinosaurs. lesson prep for a new unit

Currently I’ve tossed out our official science curriculum (sooooo boring) and have been incorporating more of an unschooling approach to this subject.  I have about 10 different “experiments in the …” books and we largely complete these experiments as our means of science requirements.  The kids love it.  Science is super fun and  I adore that they are fostering the love of learning by hands on science.  But I feel like we should do something a little more traditional sometimes too.  So we’re going all DINO.

I’m collecting lots of printables (from thecraftyclassroom.com) right now and reserving books from the library.  We’re going researching!  And that makes this an integrated lesson. Yay.The plan is to have the kids research and complete (1st and 3rd grade students):

  • life and cause of extinction of dinosaurs;
  • pick a particular dino and research specifics (height, weight, diet, etc.);
  • complete a report (given a template from thatresourcesite.com)
  • make a diorama;
  • make fossils related to their dino.
  • make a working volcano

Here are some of their recording sheets.  The report template is via the link above and I will have to “dino-ize” it a bit but it should work well.

Fullscreen capture 1152013 85035 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 1152013 85053 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 1152013 85105 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 1152013 85115 PM.bmp


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