Prayer Journal. we’re starting small. the prayer hand

prayer hand. teach kids to pray or journal Over the years we’ve incorporated many things into the ‘how’s of prayer’.  I think prayer can be such a subjective word and yet the bible has a lesson straight from God on how to do it.  (The Our Father).  But for the girls, rote prayers are, well, rote.  They don’t really understand them or pray them as intended.

In fact, they love scripted prayers because they know when it begins and when it ends.  (and the ending seems to come quicker and quicker as they speed pray).  We’ve paired up these [valuable] scripted prayers with spontaneous prayers so that they understand that speed prayer doesn’t cut it in our house and that thinking behind the prayer is crucial.

But for homeschooling I wanted to make something that integrated some ‘requirements of school’ i.e. writing, with prayer. 

I came across a million ideas for prayer journals.  I gathered that many prayer journals also incorporate creativity and artistic talents.  Beautiful masterpieces of prayer binders and journals were at my fingertips via pinterest and google.  But to be honest, I’m not willing to add glue, scissors, crayons and markers, a trip to buy a special binder, etc. etc. etc.

Life is crazy and I’m not super mom.  So simple is what I need.  I stumbled across something similar to the prayer hand I have illustrated (but I can’t seem to find the resource no matter how many google searches I try). 

Since we journal daily in our marble notebooks I figured this would be a great place to include our prayer journal entries.

What to do:

  1. trace your hand or your child’s hand on a journal page
  2. write the requirements of prayer on each finger
  • thumb. Closest to your heart. Pray for family and friends
  • pointer. Pray for those who point you to the Truth, inspire you, minister to you
  • middle/tallest.  Prayer for leaders of the church and government
  • ring/weakest. Pray for those in trouble and in pain
  • pinkie/weakest. Pray for the unnoticed, poor, abused and deprived

3.  Then your child can choose a finger and write their prayers in the journal.

I had to have a conversation about what and how we would pray for each “finger” with my first grader.  She is just learning to write and spell and the challenge is great even though her prayers are plenty.

I’m hoping that as we get into a routine with our prayer journal that perhaps the artistic opportunities would also be integrated.  But for now, we’re starting simply and learning how to be intentional about our prayer life.




2 thoughts on “Prayer Journal. we’re starting small. the prayer hand

  1. Yes! I found this on pinterest, where of course there are a million journals with all these sections and labels and modge podge, but I just wanted something simple and straight forward. Love the hand. . .so tangible for littlest.

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