valentine’s with the kids.

This year I’ve been looking at all activities with the kids in terms of homeschooling.  I can’t seem to turn off my inner teacher. And with Valentine’s Day coming, the kids can’t stop reminding me that they’d be having parties and sending cards to their friends…. and all the things the public school would offer them in the name of Valentine.

So here are two things we’ve done this month of love (so far!):

Love Letter Mailboxes.

valentines mailboxes

I bought little metal mailboxes at Target for $1.00 a piece and added some stickers I already had on hand.  In an effort to save a buck, I just use index cards and write little letters to each of the kids.  By morning, the flag is up and mail has come.  The girls are over the moon with excitement and spend some time writing me back (and I didn’t even have to ask them to write me back!).

For a bit more creativity you could make and put your letters in something like this



And if I get the time, I might just make each of my sweeties their very own envelope to use this month.  Even better, I might make it a craft for them to do!

The other thing we did was to read 1 Corinthians 13 and “list” all things that mean love.

valentines hearts

Here is a glimpse of our heart wreath!  We used strips of paper and folded them in half, then curled the ends to the center bend and stapled. Instant heart.  Before we stapled though, we wrote the characteristics of love on the strip.


valentines hearts

Then we used a hot glue gun and attached the hearts to each other to form a wreath.  Our wreath was rather big and the weight of it turned it into a saggy oval (learning opportunity) so we needed to put it around an existing wreath of ours to keep the shape.  We could have simply strung them and made garland though and that would have worked better with the weight (we did that last year- worked out better).

Next week we will add a baking activity to our Valentine’s Day crafts so stay tuned!



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