[parenting] Oh Right, There’s Sin



“Honey, at what age did you stop sinning? Because that’s when our children will stop.” Pg 42

I don’t think I really thought about my sin issues compared to training up our children until I read that bit from Desperate, Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe.  I’m the grown up.  They’re the kids.  I know right.  They need to learn to know right.  I will teach them ‘right’.  But I’m not perfect and I certainly know that.  I know I’m given Grace and Forgiveness ALL the time.

The thing is, we grown-ups hide our sin so well but our kids bring theirs like it’s show-n-tell.  We’ve learned to tame ourselves; bury the sin; mask that behavior; maybe save the awfulness for the privacy of our homes.  But we still sin.  None of us have perfected everything.  We are just better at hiding, masking…deceiving.

Our blessed babes wear their sins out.  They’re way more truthful with their imperfections than we are. With constant repetition and little remorse (at first) about the ‘undesirable’, it takes years before they understand the values of right and wrong.  And if we can connect the dots between us all, one might say they’re “honestly sinning” while we are “deceptively sin”.


“We are all just a work in progress.”  Pg 44

We’re all a work in progress and we’re responsible for training the next generation to be good people and well-adjusted citizens.  We prepare “for careers, for fashion, for romance, and how to win a man, and most often in this modern time, for sex, and yet even our churches neglect to train and instruct young women on how to create a life-giving home.” Pg 48 Some might say that gives us an out for our mistakes as a parent.  Others might say that just because you don’t know the law doesn’t mean you’re not responsible to uphold it. Could it be both?

God gives us grace on the battlefield of parenting.  He gives us all we need to know in the best-selling book of all time.

“The first battle strategy starts with your heart attitude.” Pg 48  — then open the Good Book

What’s changed for me after reading chapter 4 of Desperate is that I’ve been reminded that everything starts with the heart.  My heart is only good because God made it so; because I’ve chosen to be God’s girl.  With that reminding, I think it’s given me a bit more perspective on my motherly responses to the spilled milks that happen to make my face angry or my eyes roll back.  I think it gives me a better understanding that God still looks down on me like I look down on my children.  Though there may be disappointment, He doesn’t roll his eyes back.  Grace is given and grace I need to give.

Can you think of one thing you can do this week to show your kids a bit more grace?

This was a posting inspired by ch. 4 of Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson.  Read along with me!

Next up:  Labeling Your Kids.



3 thoughts on “[parenting] Oh Right, There’s Sin

  1. Lori, I am loving this book and I don’t even have to read it…you are giving it to me. How inspiring. These messages are not just for parents of young children, grown children need to be given even more grace. Thanks much, sweet friend. re

  2. Whew, this chapter was a bit difficult for me! Of course, because I was confronted about my sin. I love the part where Sarah ends with “Mommy needs help just like you. I need Jesus every day because I mess up, but he is gracious to love me and help me and he will help you too. We’re in this together”. I need to memorize that and probably need to say it every day!

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