preschool with everyday kitchen items: spoons

I’ve been captivated by a book I’m reading and blogging often about that but I need to remember to capture more than just my thoughts about motherhood and parenting.  I need to capture my in the moment living!

Yesterday we had a busy bag bonanza day and here is a quick photo story of how my Little Prince is learning his lower case and upper case letters.

spoon match with lower case and upper case letters

You need two sets of spoons.  One clear, one white or solid in color.  With a Sharpie write the lower case letters on one set and then the upper case letters on the other set.  Separate the sets so the child can see all the letters easily.  My little guy is just 3 years old.  So I don’t put out both complete sets of 26 letters all at once.  I try about 12 letters at a time.  Then MATCH ’em up!

abc spoon match busy bag

He’s so goofy.  He spelled the word “In” with some help from his sisters.  — and he put them on his eyes because he wanted to pose for a ‘silly picture’.

abc spoon match busy bagThis was a correct match!  Oo

abc spoon match busy bagNo match here.  But his 7 year old sister said “That makes the /ou/ sound!” So I guess you could even use these for vowel teams if you’re working on phonics with your older kids.

We use preschool busy bags as part of our daily routine while I’m homeschooling my older children. You can check them out here or here OR by clicking the link at the top.



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