Simple Gardening (with kids or with out). Starting Seedlings Inside

I love gardening.  I grew up in a home where plants out numbered the humans by 100:1 (and I’m not kidding).  My dad is such the avid gardener that my childhood homes have always included a greenhouse and a seedling station.  In turn, our homes have always felt a bit like a rainforest because the humidity was always so high.  And I mean high humidity as in “thankfully-I-don’t-have-curly-hair-or-it-might-have-been-trouble-for-my-teenage-years” high.  But the love my father has for his botanical beauties was passed down to me and now my Mister shares this passion and we’d like for our kids to experience the beauty of gardening.

botany-notebooking-journalCurrently we are studying Botany for homeschool science.  I think I’m in love with this science curriculum (check out Apologia for more information) as it’s a totally hands on approach with notebooking as it foundation for learning and retention.

As the love for plants is being fostered in our children the excitement for our latest project was tangible.  We’ve started our own seedlings- and from everyday kitchen items! No need to go out and purchase seedling starter kits.  This is cheap and easy.

2 Ways to Grow: We made a light hut as well as used our window sill to house our seedlings.  We’re doing another experiment with this… which will produce plants faster?!  For our window sill, we covered our seedlings with plastic wrap and created our own greenhouse.  It’s a great way to watch the water cycle but you could also get clear under the bed boxes and turn them upside down (placing the seedlings on the lid, now a tray, and using the container as the “house”).  Here’s what we did:



Purchase seeds  and seed starting soil (or a light weight potting soil mixed with some peat moss) from your local home improvement store

seedlings using yougurt and bean cans

Start saving your yogurt and bean cans- oh, and don’t forget a soda bottle!

soda bottle watering can   photo

You don’t want to disturb the seeds with a flood of water so start with a spray bottle and then use your soda bottle watering can after sprouting.  Just drill four small holes in the cap and viola! It’s the perfect little watering can.

light hut

Make your own light hut (follow the directions on the picture).

photo 2(1)

Put your plants inside.

light hut seedlings

Watch the seeds sprout.




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