It’s Owl-tastic. Making Owl Dolls With the Little Ladies for Homeschool Home Ec.

We went to an owl themed birthday party last week and don’t you know that suddenly owls are the girls’ favorite animal now.  We’ve researched owls.  Written brief essays about owsl.  Drawn owls. So logically we’d have to make an owl pillow to snuggle and play with.

It’s Owl-Tastic! We went pinterest crazy and designed our own owls based on features we admired in others’ creations.  It took me about 45 minutes to get the tissue paper cut up into a pattern but here are the pattern pieces…

photo 2(2)

owl pattern pieces

You can do this with tissue paper and various circles/cups/bowls/plates (to get the round shapes) and all other shapes I simply folded the tissue in half and then drew half the shape and cut (allowing for a mirror image and a perfectly symmetrical shape).

And this is what they looked like when we cut all those pieces out…

owl pattern pieces

The lighting was bad and the raspberry pink nor the yellow beaks look like the correct hue/saturation but you get the idea.  –and the girls cut out everything using a rotary cutter and fabric shears.

pinning owl pattern  pinning owl pattern

again- bad lighting.  But they did it THEMSELVES.  Yay!

owl doll pillow


(and they used the sewing machine all by themselves with the exception that they were too short to touch the pedal so I stepped in – pun intended)

owl face- owl doll pillow

check out the blanket stitching!  it was her first time!  way to go!

snow owl pillow doll

the snow owl inspired doll/pillow

snow owl doll

and the eyes… insisted on being stitched ‘freestyle’.  They’re rocking.

owl pillows or dolls

Owl-tastic Pride!

What crafty things are you planning on with your kids?  What have you done that they just loved to pieces (and you did too)?  This one ranks right up there for best craft in their book.


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5 thoughts on “It’s Owl-tastic. Making Owl Dolls With the Little Ladies for Homeschool Home Ec.

  1. Wow! Great job, girls! You are a few steps ahead of my crew…we have BIG plans for Easter break! I’ve been Pinning ideas for “softies” to sew with my two oldest next week. They will have their first exploratory lessons on the sewing machine. We did tackle hand stitching and embroidery this past summer with great success and the kids loved it! Hopefully this will be another precious memory-making, bonding experience with them, as I share more of my passion for crafting! :).

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