Everything’s Coming Up Mossy…and with twine and twigs. spring decor

bird tag

Moss, Twine, Branches.  Easily found items that will add a big punch to your Spring decorating.

I love DIY crafts, design and decor but I have no clue how to use photoshop/paint.net/gimp and the lighting in my house is poor for photographs.  So I rarely post my decor because it just shows up so badly.   But I just can’t resist taking a few moments to share my love of bringing natural elements into the home for our spring decor.   I hope that some of the shots might be seen as attractive as I find them to be in our home.  (LMK what you think- but remember my ego can be easily bruised so be gentle)

moss and a jar of twine make for a great spring decor vignette

Filling a jar with like items makes for a great display.  Here’s my spring version with several balls of twine, roping, and moss.  The base is filled with a moss sheet and some grape vine that I purchased at Joann Fabrics.  Then I tossed in my twine.  The cylinder on the left was a Pottery Barn clearance item I purchased for $3.00.  I have white Christmas lights in the center and it gives our evening atmosphere the perfect twinkling of light.

jar filled with twine

spring coffee table  tablescapeIn the same room, I have an old trunk (filled with toys, toys, and more toys) that I like to also change with the season.  I usually keep the clock and duck/swan/bird in the black tray but the rest of the items change.  Here I have a frame filled with the same moss sheet.  It adds a nice punch of green.

framed moss

Here’s the living room (2/3 of it anyway).  See what I mean about the ‘no skills with photoshop’ issue?  Why my room looks like everything is dollhouse size I do not know.  The mirror is quite large and the seating is full-size 🙂 The little vignette is on the natural elements in decorating. moss twine twigsofa table behind the sofa.  And the trunk is an obvious central item in the room.

moss5 Here is one of our two mantels.  Let me say- I have a strong aversion to this brick.  But I do love the moss, eggs, and brown paper covered books.moss1

This is simple idea.  Take a candle stick with hurricane and add moss, branches, and decorative speckled eggs.  Then cover some books with brown paper (I used painters paper from Lowes) and stamped the titles on the binding.


What little projects, DIY and decor are you working on for the spring?

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