Tweak it with Duct Tape. a child’s chair transformed

Tweak it with Duct

The Mister is a big fan of duct tape.  In high school and college he actually Duct taped the holes in the floors of his 1983 CJ7 Jeep and his 1973 Beetle.  He’s used it for patching up the holes in his ski pants, for the  binding on his books, and gave the proud thumbs up as his friend strapped their ski boots around their calves.

I’ve got a friend who made a duct tape bag!duct tape bag

So why not put that tape to updating a child’s chair (we use this little baby as a step stool)?  Duct tape comes in so many colors and patterns now that the possibilities are seemingly endless.


ikea chair before update duct tape I removed the seat with a screw driver and then started taping.  On a scale of 1 to 10 this project is a 1! Super easy.

duct taping a chair or stoolstart taping in the center so that the pattern will work out evenly by the time you get to the edges

chair corner

The corners were hard and I’m not sure if it was due to my scissors not being super sharp (because I thought they were sharp enough until this project) or if it was just the extra stickiness of Duct tape.

The procedure is simple though- cut slits and fold.  Voila.

I’d recommend making your last fold the one on the top side so it folds around to the bottom.  I did the opposite but it didn’t really make a difference in the end.  No lines or edges are visible with the seat back on the frame.

duct tape furniture

all taped up duct taped chair

the seat is all taped up…. but I had to make one more tweak…after chair I added a bit of bling on the dowels.

This was a super easy and fun project that fulfilled my inner decorator.

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