{simply the easiest stuffed pepper recipe}. secret ingredients revealed

recipeBring on the veggies! I love me some fresh from the garden veggies and have learned to make some tastey dishes inspired by the plants we grow. This is my most favorite “complete meal”. Stuffed Peppers. With all the happenings at our home, I’m in need for all things quick and this recipe (thanks to a little salsa) is one that I can now make in half the time.

Stuffed Pepperspepper3

It’ll help if you have a steamer to speed up the baking process but if not, no worries. You will just add bake time in the end.


All the ingredients are listed on the photo. Doesn’t look like a super appealing mixture but your inner foodie will thank you when you bite into this delicious goodness. The secret to the tremendous flavor for the stuffed peppers are two ingredients:

  • feta cheese (and don’t get the fat free kind– gross)
  • marinated artichoke hearts. (delish)

The secret to the speed and ease of this recipe is adding a jar of salsa instead of chopping up onions and sauteing them. oh- and it doesn’t say on the picture above but don’t forget to cook that meat first! Then add all the remaining ingredients and mix. It’s super simple.


pepper6and top with a bit of mozzarella

Bake at 375 for about 20 minutes but it will take longer if you have fresh peppers that were not steamed first. Usually bake time is around 45 minutes or until the pepper is cooked through and tender.


The Result: We brought these peppers to a friend’s house for dinner and the crowd cheered in adoration. Okay- no, they did not actually cheer. But I heard mmm,mmm, good (several times) and a request for the recipe.

I love to make this recipe when I take a meal to someone. It’s complete with veggies, grains, fruit (if you count the tomato), cheesey goodness, protein and loads of flavor.

Try it out and comment back here to tell me what you thought.

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