Girls’ Room Makeover. our inspiration: DIY triple bunk, teal & pink, peacocks & pattern

mood boardcolor inspirationWe are hoping to redo one of our 2  kids’ rooms this summer.  The room currently sleeps two of our three ladies.  But when Princess P moves out of her crib she’ll be moving into the “Girls’ Room”. This is my attempt to visualize a little ladies bedroom as we venture to turn their 11 X 12ft room into a room for THREE girls! Yikes.

{TEAL AND PINK}  With a tomboy and a princess inhabiting the room these colors will work well for them.  Who know about Princess P but she will hopefully embrace our attempt at appeasement.

In planning a room I try to think of a few things:

  • color
  • texture
  • furniture layout
  • lighting
  • storage
  • art and accessories

Here’s my best attempt to showcase our hopes for a summer redo!


This DIY triple bunk comes from The Handmade Dress (and they make the plans available!) With 3 girls and a very small space, this will help maximize the usable space.

triple bunk


toile, winged and chevron.  need I say more?


embroidery hoop artTexture

I love adding texture to the room to give it dimension and character.  I hope to have a pouf, a shag rug, and perhaps something like this lovely hoop art wall by  Sweet Pickings Furniture blog


Oh, the nightmare of 3 girls and all their clothes (in a 11 X12 ft room).  Our plan is to put in a wall to wall/floor to ceiling unit for the girls.  Most of it will consist of drawers and shelves as their closet is fairly large already.  But as I loathe hanging things up and they loathe it  we like drawers for most things minus dresses and coats.  Another thought would be to cut the closet organizer and replace it with a drawer and shelving system (leaving only a small amount of space for hanging clothing).   If you have any thoughts on how to store 3 girls’ clothing, let me know!

3 dressers are not happening and that’s a definite 🙂

Do you hang or fold the kids clothes?  What types of storage do you use for a multi-kid bedroom?

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4 thoughts on “Girls’ Room Makeover. our inspiration: DIY triple bunk, teal & pink, peacocks & pattern

  1. LOVE!! As you know, we do 2 dressers and a small closet…but not really cohesive looking, more just “works”. I love your plans for everything!!

    • Aw thanks. Have you found that dressers are better than closets too? I mean- do you hang up a lot or are the drawers essential. Our 5 drawer dresser is so not cutting it right now. one drawer bottom fell out and it’s a hot mess!

    • Wouldn’t ya know my Mister is changing jobs and a move is in order! So now we’ll wait to find that “perfect” fixer upper and then begin the little ladies retreat room:-)

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