{Instagram Favorites of the Week} asthma attacks but spiderman strikes back; sister power; water fun; sleepytime; mama hugs

It’s a week in review with an instagram photo posting!  spiderman

Asthma Attacks but Spiderman Strikes Back!

This was a hard week for us as our little man had one of the worst asthma attacks we’ve seen in our home for a while.  After loads of treatments and steroids to boot, it looks like some muscles started sprouting…. did a spider bite him too?  He looks so familiar?  hmm.

Once our sweet prince was able to wear a smile (and breathe again) he put on this get up and wore it for a solid 24 hours (only taking it off to go to the bathroom- not kidding!)

Sister Love


We decided to celebrate the newly rejuvenated breathing (poor guy) with a trip to our local Longwood Gardens.

The Bigs share a hug and a smile among the flowers.  beauties

mother and son

mama and son- love it!

smilesWater fun at Longwood.  Princess P had a great time splashing away.


no more energy… (that = peace and quiet for Mama and the Mister to talk on the way home)

But there is no rest for the weary- we actually had a party to attend following our Longwood adventure.


Our little prince decided that the ginormous chocolate covered strawberries were just the thing to curb his appetite.  They didn’t stand a chance!

Hope your week was great!

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