{date your kids}. set aside some one-on-one time with each of your kids. -Our Mother Daughter Tea-

I find it increasingly difficult to set aside some alone time with each one of our children.  I don’t know if it’s because they are getting older or if it’s because we have 4 kids AND they’re getting older.  But, it’s hard  for us to carve out the time .  Thankfully we’ve been inspired by some of our friends who like to schedule in time with their kids in a number of different ways (get a pen, or pin it!)

  • datesSchedule a date on the # day of their birthdays.  So if their child was born on the 15th of the month, the mom or dad will take the child out for a little date of sorts (coffee, a walk, a drive in the country, a movie, a meal etc.) on the 15th of each month.
  • We’ve also known families who like to schedule get aways with the whole family.  It serves to remove the worldly busy-ness that invades quality time.  It may not be one on one with the child but it’s momentous and memorable.
  • And we’ve also taken to random dates that are spontaneously planned. Hot chocolate at the local coffee shop is an all time favorite.  There’s something that makes our girls feel so grown up when they order a hot cocoa!

Here’s what we did most recently.  A Mother-Daughter Tea.

tea4mother daughter teamother daughter


And don’t forget to get a picture to commemorate your time together!

How do you find time to make your kids feel special?



7 thoughts on “{date your kids}. set aside some one-on-one time with each of your kids. -Our Mother Daughter Tea-

  1. i love it! i’m a huge fan of tea-parties. that can happen at home, too. maybe make tea sandwiches together and shop for just the right tea to use for your party. sampling the teas a teavana could be a nice outing!

    • I love it! a sampler date! And thanks for sharing your sushi date with E! So fun. It’s a super investment in your child’s esteem. Thanks so much for stopping by AND for commenting!!!!

  2. Great post! Growing up, I was one of four, and my parents were great at making special time for each of us. As we got older (I don’t think you are at this age yet), and we as teenagers had much busier schedules and social lives, my parents would let us bring our friends on occasion to our one on one time. I thought it was very neat because of what ended up happening. We felt like our parents knew and cared about our friends (even, sometimes, ones they later in life admitted to not “liking” much). And because we felt they cared about our friends, we were more willing to share with our parents about our friendships and how they were going or affecting us. As a parent, I can imagine this is a little hard to do. Because you are making that extra effort to spend time JUST with them, so bringing so-and-so that you only met once before might not be appealing. But it makes you more accessible to your child and their friends. It even makes you the “cool mom” during teenage years.

    • Thanks for sharing that. I never thought of all the benefits to bringing along a friend. Something for me to remember. It’s funny how you caught J and I on a “creek exploring date” this afternoon. Great seeing you.

  3. Love these ideas…My hubby took our kids on dates. When they got to high school, they took turns for Wed lunch. I got the 4th Wednesday. I also took my kids on back to school dates – lunch w/ mom and shopping for back to school items. Once my kids moved out of our home, I started having weekly breakfasts with them. Thanks for the reminder.

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