Our New Book Club Book is Announced! “Prized” by Noelle Toscano


I love reading! I always have 2 or 3 books going at one time (devotional, fictional, non-fiction– I like to mix everything up).  As you know, I love to share the inspirational books with you on the blog. So here’s the next selection that I hope to begin mid summer.  So go out and grab a copy or order it for as low as $2.99 kindle edition and variations through $9.95 (new and used) on amazon.com.

Will this be a book for you?  The author, Noelle Toscano, wrote this little bit just for the blog (and to help you figure out if it’d be a good fit for you)!

Prized!” was written for teenage girls. However, women of all ages can feel free to enjoy the nostalgia of those days. Like rewinding time, you will be vividly reminded of your past. I wrote this book in a way that would give me specific insights into everything I wish I would have known at the time. “Prized!” addresses self-esteem issues (aka GOD-esteem issues), how to deal with stressful parental relationships, superficiality, dating tips (YIKES!), making and maintaining healthy friendships, among other typical teenage issues. The goal of this book is to inspire young women to glorify God with their entire lives, long before the world expects them to.

This book can be used in several different ways:
1.) For the teen girl who is struggling with her purpose and place in the world.
2.) For the mother (or grandmother, aunt, or friend!) who has a teen girl. This book is a great for reading together!
3.) For mothers of preteen daughters (or even little sisters!) who are preparing for what is ahead.
4.) For the pastor, youth pastor, or female youth leader who is looking for a resource that will hit close to home for the girls in their congregation.
5.) For the female youth leader who is trying to bond with the girls in her youth group (as a group study, the Leader’s Guide is available within the book itself. No additional purchase necessary. The Guide is designed specifically to bond groups together.).
6.) For the father who doesn’t know how to talk to his teen, but desperately wants her to know how much she’s worth.
7.) For anyone who wants to read a pink, sparkly, book and remember how far they’ve come, and that God has always passionately loved them… and always will.




I hope that Noelle will be able to join us on occasional and be able to answer any questions you might have! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Join Us!!!




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