{eating through the rainbow} encouraging new and healthy foods

Now that homeschooling is done, I’ve got loads of time on my hands! okay- not really- but I have to manage my time and the kids’ time or I’ll be paying for it later.  If you’re like me  you  suffer from the constant requests for entertainment or perhaps the endless nag of “I’m bored”, followed by leading eyes that suggest I’m responsible for making the boredom go away.

Sanity Savers:my helps for a smooth, complaining free summer

boredom bustersLast summer I decided to schedule our time a bit and it worked well since the littlest was napping twice a day.  This year I went for a list of Boredom Busters and a chart of payable chores (though they also have chores that they are required to do that are ‘you live in this house, you take care of the space’ kinda chores with no pay).  The kids look at me with entertain me eyes and I simply say, “check the chart”.  Lastly, I’ve added a Library Wednesday.  Our local branch has programs at 10:30 and that seems to keep all ‘entertained’ and looking forward to something different each week.

So I put into place my sanity savers to help but then I started to think about food, menu planning, snack time, and the endless requests for kid snacks.  –You know how a woman can start with one idea and it leads to a crazy connected tangent of thought??? Yes, well that’s what happened to me.  And I figured I’d include

eating through the rainbow

Each week we will focus on a color of the rainbow and eat some new and familiar foods that are red.  Above is an incomplete list of some red foods that we tried to tackle.  Some were hits and others were failures.  I couldn’t even begin to serve the beets so they failed before they even hit the plate.  ugh. stomach turning just thinking about them…

red foods

My hope is that we will be able to try new things, be intentional about what we are eating, explore new recipes and discover foods that were previously not in our palette.   I thought I’d share with you three of the recipes from red week.

  1. snack : cherries
  2. dinner (or lunch):  Berry Salad (with roasted chicken)
  3. dessert: rhubarb cobbler

Cherries- they’re not technically a recipe but boy, when you get out a cherry pitter, it’s a family affair.  Watch out! They stain!!

Berry Salad (with roasted Chicken):

and I can’t get my picture to load! why??????? ah. ugh.

  • lettuce of your choice (we used some leaf lettuce and some spinach)
  • strawberries, sliced
  • roasted chicken, cut into strips
  • feta (if you like stinky cheese- which I LOVE it!)
  • almond slices
  • avocado
  • grape tomatoes
  • raspberry vinegarette
  • carrots (I like mine shredded)
  • cucumbers, sliced thin

It’s a salad- so there’s not much direction other than “combine”.  Enjoy!

Rhubarb Cobbler: (not the healthiest with the cobbler crumb but everyone needs a little indulgence)

cobblerThis was a big hit with the kids.  They loved making it and they loved eating it! ** please don’t let small children chop the rhubarb. let the’ littles’ help with the cobbler part 🙂

rhubarbNever have I bought this lovely veggie and so I actually had to look it up!  Did you know it looks like red celery?! Crazy.  It’s so pretty!

sugared rhubarbHere’s the rhubarb cut up and sugared with Sugar in the Raw.  If you’d like the recipe you can click the link below and see a wonderfully photographed, step by step recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

click here for the recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  ** and my only change was that I used Sugar in the Raw instead of white sugar and unbleached flour for the cobbler topping


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