Green Week. {how to freeze your herbs for later use}

eating through the rainbowEating through the rainbow continues.  Green week has been awesome for me! I found this amazing Southwestern Salad with creamy cilantro-lime dressing and I can’t get enough! (will share the recipe in another post)  Since it’s only the mister and I who LOVE cilantro, we have loads of extra herbs just waiting to be used.  So here’s how I keep our herb garden from going to waste:  freezing the herbs.

I grow parsley, chives, and cilantro and can’t seem to eat everything before they go to waste.  I’ve taken to freezing my excess and it’s a super simple process.  Just be sure to wash and DRY your herbs before you freeze them.

Parsley or Chives

  1. Wash your herbs and thoroughly dry them.  Be sure that they are completely dry or you will freeze not only the herb but the water as well.  No one wants ice on their herbs.
  2. remove stems
  3. lay flat
  4. seal in a zip bag

how to freeze parsley photo 2(1)


For cilantro the herb will store better if it’s chopped and combined with olive oil.  Here’s the picture tutorial.

how to freeze cilantrohow to freeze cilantrohow to freeze cilantrohow to freeze and store cilantroI love storing my cilantro in the form of ice cubes!  It’s super easy to grab for a soup or salad dressing recipe.  And if you’d like the recipe for the creamy cilantro-lime dressing I hope to post that later this week so stay tuned….



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