{change} why we aren’t homeschooling next year. sniff sniff

CHANGESo I mentioned on FB that this year has been the “Year of Change” for our family.  So much has changed and so much is on the cusp of changing.  I’ll try to share as much as I can- living out loud and all- and the first of the changes is

We’ve decided to not homeschool next year.

The Emotions.

I’m at a juxtaposition of two opposing emotions.  First, the blessings and benefits of homeschooling were extreme.  Our Bigs flourished in ways that I’ve tried to share along the blog posting world and yet our Littles seemed to take a backseat to all things homeschool.   Our “sets” of kids (1.5yrs and 3 years VS 7 and 9 years) felt like two completely separate worlds of child rearing and the needs that go along with it were not within my wanna-be-proverbs-31-woman-self (because I’m not the 31woman, I’m just Lori).  So- the juxtaposition.  Happy to give more to the Littles, sad to send the Bigs off for the day.

Why Aren’t We Homeschooling.

My hubby is getting a new job.  It’s highly encouraged for us to move but not necessary to do immediately.  So, if the move happens at any point during the school year I’m cleaning, showing, packing, staging, schooling, leaving the house for a potential buyer viewing, moving, unpacking to a new house, and still schooling through it all.  Sounds hard but then because of our geographical location we could be in an entirely new state.  DE borders MD, PA, NJ within minutes of our current home and each state has differing laws for homeschool.  Which state should I try to fall in line with?  What if we move in May? What if we move in January?  With so many unknowns we’ve decided that a Christian school will be our best alternative for our values and continuity.

A Quick Reminder of Why we chose to HS.

We felt like the older the children grew the less time we, as their parents, had at discipling them and the more time 25 lb17bwyoungsters plus 1-3 adults had at instilling their own values, morals, and perspectives.  My time with them seemed more drill sergeant-like with a“get your homework done, eat a snack, play piano, play outside for maybe 30 minutes, eat dinner, get a bath, read a book, go to bed” mantra.  So we opted for homeschooling.  IT WAS AN AMAZING YEAR!

Owe man nothing but to love him (Romans)—and that is what homeschooling allowed our family to experience.  We  developed so much more than academics (though- our early US history rocked!) but we grew in our relationship beyond any words I could write on this post.

Love your neighbor (2nd commandment).  Our greatest neighbor is the family… my Mister and my children.  I loved them with the biblical foundations and discipleship that is readily available with a homeschool lifestyle/philosophy.

Never Say Never.

As a former public school teacher I never thought I’d HS and I never thought I’d send the kids to a private school.  And here I am- in just a matter of a few months I will be able to say that I’ve done both.  And why?  The Lord has led us down this path.  We’ve been praying through this job change for 4 months.  We’ve sought after solitude and stillness to have ears to hear.  We’ve meet with Godly counsel to seek wisdom. We’ve been lead to this place of change.  It’s funny how one change (like a job change) has a spiderweb of changes connected to it (home, school,  a new church).

There are more changes coming too…. and that is both daunting and exciting.

Have you been a HS family that switched to private Christian School?  How’d it go?  Oh, the anticipation…..


3 thoughts on “{change} why we aren’t homeschooling next year. sniff sniff

  1. Just said a prayer for you guys!! I know God is guiding you and I know all will be well. You have lots of love being sent from Long Island and I’m excited to hear how things work out in the future!

  2. God has led you this far…. and He certainly will not leave you. Anticipation for the future and reflection on the past, in all those emotions joy rises to the top. Homeschooling to Christian school will be a transition with ups and downs, but through it all, your awesome children will still be fed by God and led by two strong, grounded parents who love the Lord our God with all their hearts, minds and souls. Embrace the changes, face the adversities with strength from our Lord and lean not on your own understanding, but on our Solid Rock!

    Your children will excel and adapt just fine. Prayers for all your changes to go smoothly and for your family to adapt well to all the changes that God has already prepared the way for you to walk through. He has gone before you, stands beside you and will continue to show you the way!

    • Thanks for all the encouraging words Kim. It has been a whirl wind these last 4 months of wondering what God is asking of us. We know the Mister will still be w YFC but we also know he is being called full time elsewhere. Now it will be balancing both ministries and making all the moments in between glorifying. Praise the Lord that I can’t ever be perfect bc I know it will be a bumpy road. Praises that He gives us the strength to walk each day with faithful hearts knowing the source of our strength is Him alone.

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