I am in the throes of my first year of homeschooling 2 of our 4 kiddos and thought I’d chronicle life as we’re living it.  It’s fun, messy, chaotic, a blessing, challenging, adventurous, and a gift.  It’s my gift- and the Mister’s too- and I don’t want to forget anything.

Baby Love.  It wasn’t easy getting pregnant.  It took months of trying, months of seeing a specialist, surgery, medications, diet changes, miscarriage and loads of heartache before we had our first baby.  I share about this once a week but you can go to Infertility Story to read from the beginning.

Design Love: I  love decorating and design. If  I had it my way I’d change each room in our house about every two years but as that’s not practical or very financially responsible for a family in ministry, I usually find myself making some tweaks here and there to keep things  interesting.  I post some of those tweaks in my Channeling Martha & Decorating section but we have fairly lousy lighting and I can’t seem to share my love via pictures very well.    someday….photoshop…good camera…photography lessons…(sigh)heart scallop

Cloth Diaper Love: I just recently stopped cloth diapering because homeschooling and 4 kids ranging from 9.5 to 1.5 years old maxed me out.  Dealing with the pooh and the line drying just didn’t allow me a chance to breathe.  So it’s on hold but I love it and love to encourage women to try it out.  It’s so cost effective and fairly simple to do (it just doesn’t work for me right now but perhaps once summer hits I’ll dive right back into  cloth bottoms.)

Mister Love: My husband has been and and always will be my champion.  He supports me and loves me and considering I have a few little idiosyncrasies that could be overwhelming, I say that makes him fantastic!

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