Busy Bags

Busy Bag Party: Part 2  This will take you to part two of the completed busy bags (10 activity bags are shown in the picture)

Busy Bag Party: Part 1

This link will take you to our party blog post (part one) and includes a spreadsheet of dozens of busy bags ideas as well as 9 photographs with 16 different busy bag activities.

Busy Bag Exchange 

This link gives a handful of pictures as well as a list of activities and links.

Busy Bag Exchange: My Bag

This link takes you to the busy bag I created: Button Snake, Magnetic Fishing, Sorting by Color and Number.  Included are lists of materials needed for making each activity.


5 thoughts on “Busy Bags

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    • Meghan, they have been soooo handy (and of course, educational). Take them to the dr., the store, in the car too. But I use them mainly as preschool activities in the home while I homeschool my older children.

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