love thy neighbor {the art of life; ch 13 of Desperate, hope for the mom who needs to breathe}

It’s been a long time coming, finishing reading this book and I still have one more chapter to go!  Change abounds for our family and we are embarking on yet more excitement so the book club bloggy posts have taken … Continue reading

Living On Purpose. {what, when & how to set goals for you and your family} book club ramblings ch 12 of Desperate

Here are my ramblings based on ch. 12 (Living on Purpose) of Desperate, hope for the mom who needs to breathe.  Join me in a conversation! If you’ve ever worked in the professional world you’ve probably been held accountable to … Continue reading

All the Voices That Influence Us (inspired by ch. 11 Desperate). Book Club stream of thought rambles

I know a few people who absolutely prefer and embrace their alone time.  They almost crave to be alone more so than they crave relationships.  My personality however, can’t even begin to relate to wanting or even needing alone time … Continue reading

learning from the past. growing for the future {the book continues, Desperate ch10}

For practically our entire marriage my mister has had this uncanny ability to divert a fight, err, I mean carefully constructed conversation, into a peaceably diffused interaction with 3 little words.  I. Love. You.  For years I thought this was … Continue reading

{the proverbs 31 woman had a maid}. thoughts on ch 9 of Desperate, hope for the mom who needs to breathe

What is up with the fact that ch. 8 had me talking about my “escape”  being cleaning and the very next chapter is dedicated to Taming the Beast of Housework?! Well, let’s dive in…. The Phrases That Kids Swear They … Continue reading

I’m a Spy, You’re a Spy: Homemaking is Frustrating. Plan and Strategize to Simplify

An acquaintance approached me this morning with a lovely greeting followed by this comment: I’ve been meaning to tell you that you remind me of a spy.  A Spy.  Hmmm.  A spy?  I try to think of how I’m going … Continue reading

When the Dark Invades; Learn to Wait with Grace

“Lately it’s been easier to put on the TV than put on being a good mother….I don’t want the dark to win.  How do I overcome these dark days? Did you ever struggle with depression?” Sarah Mae That’s how Sarah … Continue reading