South Western Salad and Creamy Cilantro-Lime Dressing

By popular demand here is the recipe.  I found it from a super cute blog called The Garden Grazer.  Check out all their yummy recipes (with great photos!)! *** my only change here is that I use 2 cloves minced … Continue reading

Green Week. {how to freeze your herbs for later use}

Eating through the rainbow continues.  Green week has been awesome for me! I found this amazing Southwestern Salad with creamy cilantro-lime dressing and I can’t get enough! (will share the recipe in another post)  Since it’s only the mister and … Continue reading

{eating through the rainbow} encouraging new and healthy foods

Now that homeschooling is done, I’ve got loads of time on my hands! okay- not really- but I have to manage my time and the kids’ time or I’ll be paying for it later.  If you’re like me  you  suffer … Continue reading

Mom’s Ultimate Resources. I’m Featured @ Mom’s Mustard Seeds TODAY! Plus a GIVE AWAY at StoneGables

One of my favorite bloggers, Rebecca at Mom’s Mustard Seeds, is featuring one of my recipes TODAY!  For the past several weeks Rebecca has been throwing a link up party for moms to share their best tips, recipes, DIY, and … Continue reading

{jewelery showcase} upcycling a birdhouse, a vase and shoe trees to show off the bobbles

Thought I’d do a photo post on my lasted project to find a pleasing (and functional) place for my bobbles. Shoe Trees:  Though this trio has been in my room for some time now, it only offered real estate to … Continue reading

Girls’ Room Makeover. our inspiration: DIY triple bunk, teal & pink, peacocks & pattern

We are hoping to redo one of our 2  kids’ rooms this summer.  The room currently sleeps two of our three ladies.  But when Princess P moves out of her crib she’ll be moving into the “Girls’ Room”. This is my … Continue reading

{simply the easiest stuffed pepper recipe}. secret ingredients revealed

Bring on the veggies! I love me some fresh from the garden veggies and have learned to make some tastey dishes inspired by the plants we grow. This is my most favorite “complete meal”. Stuffed Peppers. With all the happenings … Continue reading

{Make It Yourself} cleaners and stain removers made with everyday natural products

Here’s another spring cleaning favorite.  Make your own cleaners and stain removers!  Cheap, simple, already sitting around in your kitchen kinda ingredients AND they are all environmentally friendly recipes. ** I’ve made this exact list of recipes into a 4 … Continue reading