Living On Purpose. {what, when & how to set goals for you and your family} book club ramblings ch 12 of Desperate

Here are my ramblings based on ch. 12 (Living on Purpose) of Desperate, hope for the mom who needs to breathe.  Join me in a conversation! If you’ve ever worked in the professional world you’ve probably been held accountable to … Continue reading

Mom’s Ultimate Resources. I’m Featured @ Mom’s Mustard Seeds TODAY! Plus a GIVE AWAY at StoneGables

One of my favorite bloggers, Rebecca at Mom’s Mustard Seeds, is featuring one of my recipes TODAY!  For the past several weeks Rebecca has been throwing a link up party for moms to share their best tips, recipes, DIY, and … Continue reading

It’s Owl-tastic. Making Owl Dolls With the Little Ladies for Homeschool Home Ec.

We went to an owl themed birthday party last week and don’t you know that suddenly owls are the girls’ favorite animal now.  We’ve researched owls.  Written brief essays about owsl.  Drawn owls. So logically we’d have to make an … Continue reading

Simple Gardening (with kids or with out). Starting Seedlings Inside

I love gardening.  I grew up in a home where plants out numbered the humans by 100:1 (and I’m not kidding).  My dad is such the avid gardener that my childhood homes have always included a greenhouse and a seedling … Continue reading

It’s Date Night In: (Wisconsin) Cauliflower Soup & (California) French Bread Rolls.

It’s been so chilly that I wanted to make soup tonight. Thought I’d re-post this lovely soup and bread recipe I made back in the fall. Mmmm, I can smell the bread baking right now! Can’t wait to savor this … Continue reading