Below you will find posts that I consider homeschool related.  This may include how to pick a homeschool name, preschool topics, crafting, elementary school topics, FAQ regarding homeschool, etc.

Starting to Homeschool

15 Things to Consider Before you Homeschool.
Homeschool: Swing Day, Changing It Up
 To Home School or Not to Home School
 Picking Our Homeschool NameStarting the Homeschool Year- First Week in Planning ModeReminders of Why I Will Homeschool
Homeschooling: First Two Days With A Multi-Grade (age) Classroom: My Lesson Execution- Flawed
Organizing the Classroom:  Clipboards
[Grand]Parental Involvement in Homeschooling

Home Economics, Gardening and Crafts

The Garden Begins. transplanting, DIY cold frame, DIY seedling starting nursery
It’s Owl-Tastic.  Making Owl Dolls with the Little Ladies for Homeschool Home Ec.
Simple Gardening.  Starting Seedlings Inside (making a light hut and  mini greenhouse– cheaply!)
Preschool with everyday kitchen items:  Spoons and ABC matching
Gift Giving + Crochet + Yarn Needle Art
Fall Craft, Jack O Lanterns
Harvesting Frolic- Our First Homeschooling Lesson
Early US History. Native American Wigwams and History Rocks


Prayer Journal with Kids. going simple. using the prayer hand method
Elementary School Discipleship


Dinosaurs.  lesson prep, links to printables

Trial and Error; Updates; Confessions ; How to’s of HS

Sweet Tuesdays:Teaching A Student Who’s Easily Distracted
Friday Confessions:Homeschool Turns into Party Time; My Crew Needed to Enjoy Themselves A Bit
Monday Madness: How I Get Through Our Multi-Grade Homeschool Day
 Homeschool Update.  It’s Been 3.5 months
Homeschool. Adjusting Thing + What I Did to Keep My Sanity

Language Arts (poetry, reading, writing, retelling, etc.)

Tickled Pink Today: Teaching Retelling and Narration with Technology, Voice Memo
Tea Time and Poetry
 Teaching Conversation Skills

Busy Bags

Busy Bag Party: Part 1
Busy Bag Exchange
Busy Bag Exchange. My Bag


Daily Starter Notebook

Field Trips

Monday Madness:Field Trip to the Apple Orchard, Discovery Learning

Homeschool Field Trip: Volunteering in Ministry


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