{all things can be used for good} pain brings empathy and compassion; my infertility story continues

The Decision to Mother. My Infertility Story Continues. A reader asked me if my miscarriage, followed by an immediate pregnancy caused me any emotional guilt as the grief was replaced with a new joy, new baby.  In answering her question … Continue reading

How To Have a Backyard Camp Out with Multiple Families {fun on a budget}

About a dozen or so families from our church and community get together once a year during Memorial Day weekend to have a large group backyard camp out.  Our friends have graciously organized this memory making tradition for several years … Continue reading

{date your kids}. set aside some one-on-one time with each of your kids. -Our Mother Daughter Tea-

I find it increasingly difficult to set aside some alone time with each one of our children.  I don’t know if it’s because they are getting older or if it’s because we have 4 kids AND they’re getting older.  But, … Continue reading

learning from the past. growing for the future {the book continues, Desperate ch10}

For practically our entire marriage my mister has had this uncanny ability to divert a fight, err, I mean carefully constructed conversation, into a peaceably diffused interaction with 3 little words.  I. Love. You.  For years I thought this was … Continue reading

{Infertility and Adoption Etiquette}. what to say to help your waiting friend

My good friend Amber and I are teaming up again to finish our series on Infertility and Adoption Etiquette. We often get asked our opinions on how to care for someone who is struggling with infertility or transitioning to adoption. … Continue reading